The Visionary Group, a consultancy to CPA firms, has released the Enterprise Assessment platform, a cloud-based advisory tool for accountants to identify client needs, win new prospects and drive firm growth.

Over the years of serving accounting firms, Visionary has identified a common problem: Only a minority of staff and partners are responsible for bringing in new business. It hopes to create a better pathway for more staff to be involved in prospecting clients.

Enterprise Assessment is designed to bring a business development process to a firm quickly. The EA uses structured questions to lead business owners through key segments of their businesses. Each focused question will have preset options for accountants to select. From there, the platform will generate a graphical roadmap for a client or prospect, showing areas of their business that can be improved upon and offering suggestions on how the firm can assist. Read More at Accounting Today.


Enterprise Assessment

The Platform to Start Conversations.

To learn more about the Enterprise Assessment, visit our dedicated website here.

The Enterprise Assessment (EA) is a tool to open doors with prospects and build value with existing clients. It uses targeted questions and suggested answers to stimulate conversations. With the push of a button, EA produces a graphical roadmap to structure company growth.

How Does the Software Work?

Using a tablet or PC, select the choice that best defines the participant’s answers. Once the assessment is complete, the software immediately scores the results producing a roadmap and summary report that profiles their strengths and needs.