An interactive panel session on how to build or enhance a sales culture in a CPA firm. Whether you have an advanced business development function or only have marketing but need to create a business development infrastructure this event will provide insight.

Due to staffing shortages, changing tax laws, and a good economy, work came to firms. In most firms, a limited number of professionals bring in new business. What happens when they start retiring? With the pandemic, the lack of selling skills amongst a firm’s professionals will become a bigger problem, as partners seeking to exit need to ensure their succession team can bring in business.

The session will help firms understand how to create or enhance their sales culture:

  • What is needed to start or refine business development processes?
  • How do you identify key points in a contemporary sales process?

The group will profile methods to get professionals more comfortable and capable in business development. We will discuss the differences in developing business directly with prospects, how to enhance referral partner efforts, and address basic existing client cross-selling ideas.