Increasing Firm Profitability

As Your Advisory Officer

Vision. We help Managing Partners navigate the firm’s lifecycle. As firms grow, they encounter different challenges, opportunities, or hit walls. Do you have the right leader in every service or industry group? Do you want to upscale the client base? Should you expand geographies or more services?

Visionary Provides CPA Firm Guidance & Tactical Implementation

  • Pricing analysis & alternative pricing strategies
  • Deep dive assessment into realized dollars by department
  • Departmental goal setting and profit expansion analysis
  • Partner profit enhancement training
  • Client mining, repricing & realignment
  • Advisory services group expansion or development
  • Succession strategy evaluation
  • Creation of M&A opportunities
  • Oversight or collaboration with firm marketing & business developers
  • Using Visionary as your marketing & business development resource

What to Expect

Confidentiality. It is difficult to discuss sensitive issues with in-house support personnel. As your Advisory Officer, you can talk to us about anything. We bring ideas from the brightest firms and help firms adapt to the current landscape of the CPA profession.

Implementation. We execute a firm’s plan and make progress. Whether we are working with your in-house resources, or if we become your only resource, we keep you moving forward. Very few professionals understand the CPA industry like Visionary does.

Next Step? Take 15 minutes. That is all it will take for you to understand that Visionary is uniquely qualified to help your CPA firm no matter what the problem or opportunity is you are facing. We have seen just about every situation a CPA firm can encounter.

Advisory Bootcamps

These are recurring webinars designed for your firm to showcase your progressive mindset. We invite bankers, lawyers, clients, and prospects and conduct panel driven sessions on topics to help build the value of a business. The goal is to not to be viewed the auditor or accountant. 

Perception & Awareness

The Bootcamp webinars focus on building the value of a business. The topics can be unique to your firm, but they will likely include exit planning, cash management, fraud, and similar items that impact owners.


60 minutes every other month. Marketed to bankers, lawyers, associations, prospects, and clients. Use email, LinkedIn, and website banners. Have staff send personal invites. The marketplace will see you as more than a tax or audit provider and recruits will see you as a progressive firm.

An Advisory Mistake

Why take difficult to find CPAs and use them as advisors? Teach them how to identify opportunities, begin conversations with clients, and then introduce external advisors or acquired or merged-in specialty organizations.

Explore Your Growth or Transition Options

Visionary is an industry leading consultant. We know how to build the enterprise value of a firm, source & close M&A transactions, address succession needs, and become the resource to help firms grow or transition.

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