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Why Is Your Staff Disengaged?

Why Is Your Staff Disengaged?

Most professionals are not engaged.

You might disagree with this because your mind will go to the few great employees who are productive and willing to die for the firm, but these are the abnormal.

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Speaking Opportunities

Increase value for your members.

Visionary’s team can speak at your local and national events. We bring unique thought leadership for CPA firms. Our presentations and roundtable sessions are customized to fit your association’s needs and agenda.

We Focus on Major Factors that Drive the Value of a CPA Firm and Impact Succession.

  • Understanding the Drivers that Impact CPA Firm Value
  • What Motives a Firm to Merge Upward
  • Conducting a Successful M&A Search Including Common Deal Killers
  • Developing a Succession Team that Can Bring in Work
  • Engaging Your Staff in the Growth Process Starting with Client Mining
  • Creating Engaging and Impactful Managing Partner Roundtables
  • Realigning Your Business Development Process to Align with Today’s Strategy
  • The Sales Chain: Understanding the Complete Sales Cycle
  • Recognizing and Selling Into the Different Stages of the Client Lifecycle
  • Creating Industry Niches to Open Doors with Larger Prospects
  • Increasing Your Advisory Services Mix and Revenue Streams
  • Build CPA Firm Value by Creating Solutions that Build Client Value
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