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Frequently Asked For

Next Generation Leadership

Continuous and structured approach to develop the future leadership inside your firm using real-world experience and interactive training sessions. Each Next Generation Group consists of different personnel based on your firm’s staff and structure.

Firm Succession Planning

An aging partner base, recruiting, technology and advisory services are making it difficult for smaller firms to compete. Each practice will be valued differently based on both the tangible and intangible aspects.

Referral Partner Development

Understanding the difference between a referral partner and a channel partner is key. Referral partners will push potential clients to your firm, a channel partner will pull potential clients to your firm. With proper planning and outreach, these are both powerful tools that should be taken advantage of.

Resolving Impaired Leverage

Impaired Leverage is the limited number of professionals that bring in material work. This is one of the biggest challenges facing CPA firms. In order to achieve growth targets and build a succession team that can develop business, a firm needs to overcome their Impaired Leverage.

Structured Client Mining

There is significant opportunity to develop new business and generate revenue without the hassle of trying to acquire a new client. Your existing client base is often ripe with client mining needs that we can help you structure, communicate, and deliver.

Our Expertise

CPA Firm Partners

We help leaders make progress on their growth goals without taking time away from client management. For some firms, we conduct custom M&A searches or a succession evaluation.

CPA Associations

Visionary will provide customized educational conference sessions, breakout roundtables for members, and will develop a recurring series of themed events for your Association.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We find firms that are not on the market yet but are trying to determine their next step. Our searches are custom and every identified opportunity only goes to you. We help you grow through M&A or identify the best exit solution.


We provide an outsourced niche for CPA firms to lead their overall growth as their Chief Growth Officer and a specialized niche as a firm’s Outsourced Advisory Officer. We provide growth leadership or focus on the advisory niche.

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