Innovation & Transformation

Building CPA Firm Value

Implementation. We conduct activities that increase firm value. More valuable to merge upward or sell, or more valuable to internal succession teams. To build firm value, we identify drivers that add or detract from the value and physically provide outreach into your markets, upskill professionals on how to sell and network, expand your advisory services, and upscale who you have as a client.

Transformation. All firms evolve. Change occurs inside their client base, with their professionals, the economy, and with their competition. The Visionary Group helps firms identify the elements that present the greatest opportunity for enhanced profitable growth.

Outsourced Leadership

Industry Knowledge.  The Visionary Group has more than 25 years of CPA firm growth experience.

Plan Execution.Our team understands how to create CPA merger & acquisition opportunities, identify the drivers that impact growth, develop a succession team, selectively conduct organic growth, add additional value, cross-sell existing clients, and enhance referral partner relationships.

Adapt or Die Thinking

  • Managing Partner Roundtables & Retreats
  • Visionary‘s Rapid Value Accelerator
  • Chief Growth Officer Role
  • Outsourced Advisory Officer Role
  • Custom Buy & Sell-Side M&A Searches
  • Upward Firm Mergers
  • Internal Succession Assessments
  • Next Generation Development
  • Industry & Service Niche Development
  • Referral Partner & Selective Prospect Outreach
  • Existing Client Mining

Fresh Ideas. Get an injection of new ideas.

Discover How to Achieve Your Goals Today

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