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Building CPA Firm Value

Enterprise Value. We help firms focus on activities that make them more profitable, attractive for succession, and more valuable to merge upward or sell. Even if you never plan to merge upward or sell, you will optimize shareholder value by preparing to be sold.

Market Value Accelerator.  Not all revenue is equal. Firms with identical revenues and the same profit contributions do not always have the same value. The number of billable hours, level of investments, age of professional staff, and other variables determine the actual market value. Our MVA equalizes values and looks at you as if we were acquiring or merging you into another firm.

What Will Clients Remember?

Compliance vs Advisory. Will clients remember an audit, tax return, or change in accounting method? No, but they will remember advice that overcame an obstacle or assisted in an opportunity.

Adapt or Die.  Compliance heavy firms will slowly die. Staffing will get worse as more CPAs retire. Firms not increasing their advisory footprint will have trouble recruiting. Younger professionals want to work in a progressive minded firm.

Key Firm Support Needs

  • Understanding Value Drivers
  • A Constant M&A Outreach Process
  • Partner Buy-In & Compensation Strategies
  • Succession Team Assessment & Development
  • Expansion of Their Advisory Services
  • Client Cross-selling & Niche Development
  • Referral Partner & Selective Prospect Outreach
  • A Dedicated Resource to Implement the Firm’s Plan

Explore Your Growth or Transition Options

Visionary is an industry leading consultant. We know how to build the enterprise value of a firm, source & close M&A transactions, address succession needs, and become the resource to help firms grow or transition.

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