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Who is Visionary?

Depth. Visionary only works in the accounting industry. Our M&A services, consulting, fractional COO role, and speaking engagements are exclusively designed for firms in the Top 20 to emerging practices.

Outcomes. We help identify their next best steps, implement plans, address obstacles, and build firm value. Visionary’s leadership is recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting.

Customized Firm Roadmaps

Mergers & Acquisitions

Practice Management

Market Value Accelerator


Market Value Accelerator

Are You at an Inflection Point?

Overview. Our MVA was developed for accounting firms to determine their best next steps. It identifies drivers adding or detracting from firm value. We tell you what we would do if we owned your practice.

Stages. A deep assessment using an online survey, interviews, and a complex data analysis.

Deliverable. A custom roadmap with detailed steps and how to implement those steps.

Post-MVA. Learn more about this in our Practice Management section.


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