Merge. Acquire. Sell. Private Equity.

We Close Transactions

Buy/Sell/Merge. We work nationwide supporting Top 10 CPA firms to emerging practices. Whether you are new to M&A or an experienced transaction professional we will identify opportunities, start conversations, ask difficult questions, qualify, and close deals. Our M&A professionals will guide you through the entire process.

Non-Accounting M&A. M&A is not limited to CPA firms. Create value by acquiring or merging specialty businesses to grow your advisory department and diversify revenue streams. A non-accounting practice could be a VAR, specialty technology provider, CRM/ERP groups, or other advisory businesses. We are actively searching for CPA firm and non-accounting practices for our clients.

Our Merger & Acquisition Process

We hold a planning session to define your search objectives. Once we have candidates identified, Visionary leads every initial candidate call to address vital deal points and identify potential deal killers. Every opportunity has unique twists, and we know how to adapt as opportunities evolve.

Candidate Targeting

Geographies, sizes, niches, staffing, tuck-in vs platform? These are key areas we review with your leadership.

Initial Meeting

This is exploratory to understand if the cultures match and to discuss reasons why combining firms may make sense.

Vision & Structure

Is this a merger, acquisition, or a hybrid? Discuss staffing, client mix, leases, software, pricing strategies, and partner transition timelines.

Terms Sheet

Basic agreement that details the terms of the deal. This document outlines the proposed closing transaction agreement.

Diligence & Closing

Guidance for both parties to confirm the information shared is accurate so formal legal documents can be drafted.

Explore Your Growth or Transition Options

Visionary is an industry leading consultant. We know how to build the enterprise value of a firm, source & close M&A transactions, address succession needs, and become the resource to help firms grow or transition.

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