CPA Mergers & Acquisitions

Firm Searches & Succession

Most good firms never hit the market. Our searches are customized for your firm to proactively identify practices that need to merge up or into your firm for growth or an exit strategy. For firms that need an exit strategy or wish to be with a firm that offers more support and services, we reverse our search process.

Each opportunity we discover is only brought to your firm. We do not share it with a dozen firms like a broker does or consultants that are not dedicated to your efforts. If you have succession concerns, let us help you evaluate your succession position.

Our Search Planning Session.

A central part of our process is to design the right kind of search and deal terms. If looking to acquire or merge in a firm are you looking for a tuck-in or seeking to enter a new geography and need a platform firm to lead the effort? What size firm are you willing to look at? What is the best fit? How are typical deals structured? Our planning session sets the tone to seek your best fit. If selling or seeking an upward merger, we can find the best fits based on your needs.

Full Deal Cycle Support.

Visionary has a team of dedicated CPA M&A professionals to source and negotiate transactions. Our search identifies firms that are not on the market yet and may be looking for an exit path or looking to merge for growth. We sit on the calls with your team and candidate firms to ensure vital deal points are addressed and create solutions to overcome possible deal killers. Our objective is to create a transaction that creates a winning outcome for both firms.

Proactive Acquisition & Succession

  • Firm Growth Strategy Alignment & Visioning
  • Practice Risk Assessment
  • Custom Acquisition or Merger Searches
  • Upward Firm Mergers & Sale of a Firm
  • Firm & Candidate Value Assessments
  • Candidate Firm Hidden Profit Assessments
  • Facilitation of Each Candidate Meeting
  • Post Meeting Follow-up Calls with Both Parties
  • Deal Structure Consulting
  • Negotiations with Candidate Firms
  • Internal Succession Assessments
  • Succession Team Readiness Training

All Dollars Are Not Equal

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