Structured Growth & Transitions

Buy/Sell-Side Searches

Focused. Most good firms never hit the market. Our searches are customized for your firm to identify practices that need to sell or merge in for growth, or an eventual transition. For firms that need to sell or merge up to be with a firm that offers more support and services, we reverse our search process.

Exclusive. Each opportunity we discover is brought only to your firm. We do not share it with a dozen firms like a broker does or consultants that are not dedicated to your efforts. We work nationwide supporting large to small firms.

M&A Process Points

Complete. Visionary provides full deal cycle support. We sit on the calls with your team and candidate firms to ensure vital deal points are addressed and overcome possible deal killers.

Typical Process.

  1. Range. The search parameters: i.e., locations(s), firm size, tuck-in or platform, etc.
  2. Deal Terms. Firm metrics, compensation, buy-out terms, timing, equity vs income partner, etc.
  3. Search. Visionary begins our targeted outreach.
  4. Meetings. We identify a qualified firm, set up meetings with your firm and the candidate.
  5. LOI. Visionary creates a Draft LOI to get parties in agreement.
  6. Negotiation. We work with both parties to eliminate gaps and negotiate a fair structure.
  7. Closure. Due diligence, final agreements are signed, and the transaction is complete.

All Revenue is Not Equal

Analysis. We conduct proactive acquisition & succession steps. In addition to our M&A process points, we help acquirers and sellers make the M&A process easier and more successful.

  • Firm Growth Strategies
  • Practice Realignment & Visioning
  • Practice Risk Assessments
  • Transition Options
  • Opinions on the Value of Firms
  • Candidate Firm Hidden Profit Assessments
  • Internal Succession Assessments
  • Internal Succession Deal Consulting
  • Staff Development

Value. We can sort through the numbers, the intangibles, and create a reasonable pathway for your firm.

Discover How to Achieve Your Goals Today

No automated emails or chatbots, you will always speak with a real person. All conversations are confidential. Visionary can provide you with a NDA at your request

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