Keeping Members Engaged

Our Clients are the CPA Profession. When speaking with your members, we provide ideas to help them grow and overcome obstacles. Our sessions are customized based on what you feel members need. We can speak to smaller groups and have spoken to audiences of more than 1,000 participants.

Presentation Style. We provide live webinars or on-site sessions, and we never sell when we present or network with your members. Our sessions are interactive and can be in small or large groups, roundtables, or workshops. We bring the audience into discussions, deliver deep industry insight, and provide an engaging and entertaining experience.

Our Speaking Topic Deck

Industry Leading Sessions

Key Topics. Below are examples of what we address with your members. These are issues facing most CPA firms that can also be opportunities. We can address almost any need, but these are the most impactful in firms.

  • M&A of CPA Firms & Non-Accounting Businesses
  • Firm Succession
  • Understanding How to Value a CPA Firm
  • Capacity Expansion & Offshoring
  • Creating or Expanding an Advisory Services Group
  • The Key Metrics & Data Analytics of a CPA Firm

Interested in Discussing This Topic or Receiving Presentation Materials?

Let our team know what topic or topics you would like more information about, and we will be in touch with you soon.

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