Our Expertise

We build CPA firm value. The Visionary Group is comprised of a team of professionals specifically dedicated to CPA firm growth, alignment, and strategy. We specialize in organic and M&A activities for CPA firms nationwide from emerging practices to the top 20 firms in the country. You gain a scalable team of skilled professionals at your fingertips when working with us.

We Help Firms Refine & Implement

The best strategic plan in the world will fail without implementation. If your vision is clear, does your team have the sales skills and time to implement your growth steps? Are efforts underway to get in front of select prospects and referral partners? Is a client mining effort in place? Our team of implementation experts becomes an extension of your firm.

  • Evaluating & Aligning Growth Strategies
  • Custom CPA M&A Searches
  • Succession Planning
  • Complete Sales Cycle Support & Training
  • Creating Business Development Niches
  • Development of Next Gen Teams
  • Retreat Facilitation

Our Team


CPA Mergers & Acquisitions

We custom source potential deals exclusively for you. Whether you are seeking to acquire or merge upward yourself, our team will discreetly and effectively find the best fit for your solution. We know how to talk to firms and extract factors to evaluate the opportunity. Succession teams who cannot sell is fueling CPA M&A. We know how to begin, advance and as needed terminate conversations with firms.

What Is the Value of Your Firm?

There are a lot of misconceptions on this topic. An aging partner base, recruiting, technology and advisory services are making it difficult for smaller firms to compete. Each practice will be valued differently. Before considering any M&A activity with your firm, let our team conduct our Firm Value Assessment to give you clear direction of what we believe the market value of your firm is today.

  • Firm Value Assessments
  • Establishing Best Fit Search Metrics
  • Custom Acquisition or Merger Searches
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Sales Side /Upward Merger Representation
  • Deal Consulting & Full Deal Cycle Support
  • Draft Letter of Intent Development
  • Succession Planning

Organic Growth

Set your firm up for long term success. We provide options for firms who need someone to lead their growth and create a sales culture. We offer project consulting for firms who need limited assistance.

The key is we implement these plans. We generally collaborate with your in-house resources but take complete responsibility for your growth.

Firm Alignment & Growth Officer

Prospecting & Lead Development

Prospect Sales Cycle Support

Referral Partner Development

Structured Client Mining

Proposal Design & Content

Resolving Impaired Leverage

Next Gen & Champion Programs

Managing Partner One-on-Ones

Enterprise Assessment Software

What Is Your Impaired Leverage?

Impaired Leverage is the limited number of professionals that bring in material work. This is one of the biggest challenges facing CPA firms. In order to achieve growth targets and build a succession team that can develop business, a firm needs to overcome their Impaired Leverage. Our team understands how to solve this problem.

Firm Alignment & Transformation

We can help your firm transform. Visionary brings best practices and ideas from firms across the country. The services below are inclusive for our monthly clients, but some firms need limited support. We help evaluate their in-house team, clarify or refine the vision and identify steps to implement. For others, we create and implement their entire plan.

Some of Our Project Support Include:

  1. Firm Vision Planning & Growth Realignment
  2. Firm Value Assessment: Understand the Triggers Impacting Value
  3. Growth, Change & Risk Monitoring
  4. Partner & Key Staff Coaching
  5. Partner Compensation & Conflict Resolution
  6. Firm Retreats & Transition Planning
  7. Image & Branding: Websites & Literature

Are You Poised To Adapt To The Changing Industry?

Visionary’s support was built exclusively to support CPA firms. Building CPA firm value requires adding the type of clients that want a deeper relationship and need a firm who can deliver complex compliance support and advice. This may require a minor or a material change in how firms target and go to market.


Increase value for your members. Visionary’s team can speak at your local and national events. We bring unique thought leadership for CPA firms. Our presentations and roundtable sessions are customized to fit your association’s needs and agenda.

Our Highly Requested Topics Often Consist Of:

  1. Rebuilding Client Value Post COVID-19
  2. Understanding What Builds CPA Firm Value
  3. Realigning Legacy Marketing & Business Development
  4. Conduct a Successful M&A Search Including Common Deal Killers
  5. The Sales Chain: Understanding the Complete Sales Cycle
  6. How to Elevate Firm Value by Developing Niches
  7. Marketing to the Client Lifecycle
  8. Engaging Staff in the Growth Process Through Client Mining

What Problems Can We Solve For You?

No two firms are alike, we are here to solve your specific pain points. We speak to the changes in the profession and create solutions firms can implement. Our support is designed around your firm and resources, we do not take a “One size fits all” approach.


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