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Innovative Thinking for CPA Firms

We construct and implement a firm’s strategy. 

  • Managing Partner Roundtables & Retreats
  • Chief Growth Officer Role (CGO)
  • Outsourced Advisory Officer Role (OAO)
  • Advisory Bootcamps
  • Custom Buy-side & Sell-side/Upward Merger Searches
  • Succession Team Assessments & Next Gen Development
  • Rapid Value Accelerator

Our Team Keeps Steady Efforts in Place

Speaking & Facilitation Engagements

National Expertise

We help CPA firms transform, grow, and adapt. Visionary can work directly with a firm or an Association’s members. We will lead Partner Retreats, facilitate Managing Partner Roundtables, conduct educational sessions for Associations, or assist with one-on-one needs. We can deliver support virtually or in person.

Stay Tuned

We follow the industry and proactively adapt our approach to building a CPA firm’s value. The CPA profession will always be changing. New regulatory issues, changing client appetites, different stages of the client lifecycle, technology, and the economy are always in flux.

Our Style

Engaging and interacting with the audience. We bring participants into our sessions to get a conversation going. We score high on our presentations because we pour a lot of energy into the delivery and a lot of time into the content development. 

Examples of Industry Needs
We custom-create topics for your firm or Association. The industry is evolving and so are we in how we support firms nationally.

  • Understanding CPA Firm Values
  • Identifying CPA M&A Opportunities
  • M&A Deal Structures
  • Closing Techniques
  • Testing Your Succession Solution
  • Creating an Advisory Culture Inside a Firm
  • Developing Advisory Bootcamps
  • How to Create Industry & Service Niches
  • Tactics to Deploy for New Client Growth
  • Existing Client Value Pricing
  • Building Client Value
  • Client Shedding Strategies

Examples of Recent Engagements

  • NACVA Keynote
  • NACVA CPA M&A Session
  • BDO Alliance Annual Conference: Multiple Sessions
  • BDO Alliance Area Meetings
  • BDO Alliance CPA M&A Series
  • Managing Partner Roundtables
  • RSM Firm Foundation CPA M&A
  • CPAmerica Northeast Regional Conference
  • CPAmerica Southeast Regional Conference
  • AGN International
  • Oak Street Funding
  • Florida State CPA Society

Is The M&A Market Heating Up or Fizzling Out?

The global economy is changing and the CPA M&A market is following suit. There is an increasingly larger number of private equity firms looking to buy CPA firms. More regional and national firms are starting to face succession issues which are fueling the increase...

BDO Alliance MP Roundtable – Kohler, WI

At our most recent Managing Partner Roundtable for a BDO Alliance Group, Bob Lewis spent the day discussing the CPA M&A marketplace, evaluating your succession team, outsourced client accounting services, and how to increase a firm’s advisory revenue. Some key...

What I Learned Facilitating a BDO Alliance Area Meeting

A partner spoke about his firm’s COVID experience. He said, “historically firms are slow to implement, but COVID forced them to act quickly”. Remote working was a minor piece. A major core benefit was the virus accelerated increased contact with clients to talk about...

Accounting Today: The Visionary Group creates platform to make bringing in new business easier

The Visionary Group, a consultancy to CPA firms, has released the Enterprise Assessment platform, a cloud-based advisory tool for accountants to identify client needs, win new prospects and drive firm growth. Over the years of serving accounting firms, Visionary has...

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