Building CPA Firm Value

How Are You Looking to Grow? We provide comprehensive growth solutions exclusively for the CPA profession.

Organic Growth Services

Contemporary growth strategies are a requirement for firms to thrive. Our team physically implements your growth initiatives alongside your team.

CPA Mergers & Acquisitions

Deal consulting, custom searches to identify firms to acquire or merge in and exit representation. Our team of M&A experts offer full cycle deal support.

Firm Succession Plans

Most firms either do not have a formal succession strategy or a plan that is not viable. We can test your plan or help create a succession strategy.

Is Your Firm Advisory Focused?

The top firms are on track to generate 30% – 40% of their revenue from non-compliance services.
Training your next generation of leaders to think like advisors is the key to success.

Common Firm Growth Challenges

Limited Selling Skills.

Impaired Leverage is a limiting factor in the growth of most CPA firms.

Impaired Leverage is the number of professionals in a firm who can bring in any level of material work. The responsibility of winning new clients and bringing in material work generally falls on the shoulders of a few professionals in the firm.

Five percent is the average number of professionals who bring in almost one hundred percent of a firm’s new revenue. Unless a firm can increase their leverage and engage other professionals in their business development eventually the firm hits a growth wall and begins to impact their succession plans. A succession team that cannot sell is not a functional solution.

Minimal Advisory Revenue.

Firms fall into the trap of being viewed only as compliance providers.

Shifting from a compliance mindset to an advisory focused thought process changes the client’s perception. The client begins to stop thinking of you as a necessary cost and starts thinking of you as a trusted advisor.

Differentiating your firm with consulting, delivers highly valued services and deepens client relationships. Understanding what your clients truly value and what they need to take their business to the next level, enables you to charge additional premium services. It ties you deeply into their business.

Rapidly Changing Firm Values.

Market values of compliance driven CPA firms will steadily decrease.

Technology is automating many compliance services. As change continues, the natural outcome will be a reduction or elimination of fees. That revenue will need to be replaced and firms with a heavy compliance base will see values fall.

What is your firm worth? The answer is what someone is willing to pay for it. Due to the lack of succession, more firms are entering the upward merger market. Aging staff combined with a lack of advisory services are driving the values of firms downward. We help our clients realize their market potential and develop a solution to build their firm value.