Visionary’s MVA

At an Inflection Point? Our Market Value Accelerator (MVA) was created for accounting firms to provide the platform to make more informed decisions. It provides a detailed Roadmap of the next steps to take and lays the foundation to build the firm’s enterprise value.

Why Conduct an MVA?

Industry Transformation. Firms are trying to determine what to do. Do they make the foundational investments in people, technology, and advisory or should they merge into a firm with these pieces in place? Is succession possible? If a firm needs to sell, merge, or be the acquirer, what should they expect or need to do to prepare? The MVA helps firms understand the best next steps.

Clarity. The MVA will help any firm uncover drivers that impact value. It will Identify opportunities, provide insight into pricing gaps, and assess who should be a client of the firm moving forward. Do training gaps exist and are there negative actions consuming limited capacity? The MVA will help answer these questions and more.

Can You Answer? How many clients make up 50% of your revenue? 75% of revenue? Are there too many clients making up only 25% of your revenue? The MVA will help you understand data like this and other information to help you plot your future.

Process & Deliverable

Process. We start with an online survey to gather perspectives from key participants. Then, we hold interviews with participants. Finally, we conduct a complex financial data analysis to identify metrics that identify areas of strength and weakness.

Why this Approach? The survey and interviews allow us to gather insights specific to each individual and enable us to discuss current industry trends.

Deliverable. We walk you through the MVA Roadmap that details the steps to implement. Our deliverable includes summaries of the surveys and interviews.

Post-Deliverable Actions

Decisions. Do you want to implement the entire MVA Roadmap, start with select pieces, or add other elements? Can you implement this internally or do you need external support? Ongoing implementation is critical to any firm’s success.

Future Growth. The MVA will help you look at your firm with objective information you can use to shape your vision, engage staff, and take proactive actions on vital pieces of your firm.

Post-MVA Support. Learn more about Visionary’s growth processes and Fractional COO role. Click here to learn more.

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