Market Value Accelerator


What is Visionary’s MVA?

The MVA provides the platform to make more informed decisions.

  • Identifies drivers that add to or detract from firm value and profitability.
  • Provides an estimate of what the firm’s value is today.
  • Lays the foundation to build the enterprise value of the firm.

Value Enhancement. Even if a firm never plans to sell or merge upward, they should be sale ready at an optimal price at all times. The MVA helps frame what to do to accomplish this and provides the ability to maximize the firm’s profit potential.

Why Conduct an MVA?

We see firms build practices that are unsaleable or not have the value they thought it was worth. The MVA will help a firm:

  • Measure the Firm’s Current Market Value
  • Identify Pricing Gaps
  • Examine Training Needs
  • Discover the Drivers Impacting Value
  • Create a Platform to Discuss Future Growth

Values Can Vary

All revenue is not equal. Each firm’s value is impacted by a series of internal pieces that alter their value. Firms with identical revenues and profit contributions do not always have the same value.

Drivers. Production hours, depth of the professional bench, niches, and many other variables can impact value. The MVA answers what a firm is worth and how to make it more valuable.

The MVA Steps

One-hour meeting via video conference to discuss the overall approach and establish the timeline.

We analyze your firm’s data through the lens of a potential acquirer or merger partner as an objective third party.

An anonymous survey is sent to all leadership, followed by 1-on-1 video interviews for up to 5 of your team.

We send the written report and setup a video meeting to go over the results of the MVA findings.

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