Practice Management

Opportunities & Obstacles. Are you serving the right clients at the right price? How can you create a sustainable culture for existing professionals, achieve profitability goals, build firm value, and make the firm attractive to recruits? Labor shortages, outsourcing, technology, private equity, and the shift to advisory have firms at an inflection point. We have the experience to help you make your best decisions.

Growing Firms

Our Focus. We build or refine your Roadmap by using a metrics approach focused on a firm’s Revenue per Professional Head (RPH). Below the RPH are other metrics. Each specific metric has levers that impact performance in each area. We help firms identify those metrics and levers and develop steps to improve each element.

Implementation. While you are busy, we keep efforts moving forward. Our implementation maintains a steady pace and adapts as your firm, needs or the profession changes.

What We Do. Examples beyond our M&A and Market Value Accelerator include client upscaling, value pricing, setting up outsourcing, sales training, developing referral networks, coaching, creating advisory services, and cross-selling. We also develop websites, manage newsletters, and provide marketing support for firms.

The Results. We create a sustainable, culturally attractive, and more profitable firm.

Fractional COO Role

Overview. Firms are adding Chief Operating Officers (COO) to develop their next steps. Our experience in the accounting profession uniquely qualifies us for that role. We know the metrics to track, focus on activities that drive profits and culture, and can implement a firm’s vision.

Your COO. No learning curve. Our COO role is customized for your firm and brings a team of experienced professionals at the fractional cost of a full-time COO.

Confidentiality. We provide an objective perspective and become the resource to discuss ideas, sensitive questions, or problems.

Retreats & Roundtables

Custom Sessions. We create engaging, customized sessions starting with a pre-event meeting and survey of your group so we can develop a relevant agenda. We consult on firm growth, M&A, private equity, outsourcing, value pricing, client upscaling, creating an advisory department,  partner buy-ins, partnership agreements, disputes, and compensation.

Retreats & Roundtables. We dive deeply into the industry’s current trends and share what we see in other firms. Our sessions focus heavily on interaction with attendees and getting them talking and engaged.

Prefer to Talk In Person?

Initial conversation about your firm and what you are trying to accomplish. We look forward to connecting with you shortly!