Significant Profit Generator

Every CPA firm has clients that need to sell or exit. For most, this will be the only time they will ever exit a company. It is an emotional process and they need someone to prepare the exit strategy, manage the timelines, and guide them through the steps. The Visionary Group offers a full exit planning suite for your clients, including the brokerage of their business that creates premium services your firm can deliver, a share of the success fee when the company is sold, and the ability to invest the funds generated from the sale.

No Additional Staff Required

As owners enter the latter part of their lifecycle, their need to transition emerges and they will listen to your recommendation, due to your deep relationship with them. Each qualified relationship has the potential to command a series of different fees and this service delivers high client value. This value is something clients are willing to pay a premium for and often discuss with their peers.

Let’s Talk Through the Process

Contact our team to discuss how this works. We will walk you through our Opportunity Calculator to measure the potential number of clients and calculate the financial value of your firm.