BDO agreed to a $1.3 billion deal with Apollo Global Management. Add in the 600-person Bergen KDV acquisition by Creative Planning, a registered investment advisor, in June and it is clear the M&A world has changed. These announced investments and future transactions that will occur are going to alter the accounting industry.

How Does This Impact Your Accounting Firm?

  1. Supply & Demand. As more firms begin conversations with outside investors, will the increased demand impact future transaction pricing?
  2. Deal Structures. They can be creative, and fluid based on the specific acquirer and their motive for seeking the deal in the first place.
  3. Options. Firms can evaluate private equity options, registered investment advisor opportunities or the traditional CPA firm to CPA path.
  4. Competition. How will the presence of alternative outside investment impact the deal structure and pricing if you are evaluating a traditional M&A deal?
  5. Trickle Down. As larger firms accept investments, this enables smaller firms to participate in PE or RIA opportunities through roll-up strategies.
  6. Being the Acquirer. With all the volatility, will these changes create opportunities for you to be the buyer in a changing marketplace?

The Visionary Group Can Create Your M&A Strategy 

Whether you are looking to sell or merge upward, be the acquirer, or are in a deal already, we can help. We can walk you through potential options for your firm. Our team can source deals, cash flow opportunities, conduct negotiations, and evaluate the hidden risks & opportunities on the table. We provide full search services, as well as deal consulting.

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