PE is changing the accounting M&A landscape and impacting traditional deals. Listen to the podcast Bob Lewis at Visionary and Dan Hood of Accounting Today recorded on PE. Understand how PE is changing the perception of value, the perception of control, and the impact on young professionals.

Attend – Outsourcing: Tried, Failed, or Just Confused?

Busy season is coming. Do you have enough people? Is outsourcing a hard ‘no’ because you believe it won’t work or heard horror stories? Did you try it and fail or is it just an average experience? In a no-selling event, we will explore what causes failure, how to prevent more issues, how to talk to your clients about outsourcing, and how to use outsourcing to expand capacity.

Firms Call Us Daily Asking About Their Options

Firms are questioning their ability to conduct an internal succession. They are not sure if it would be better to merge or sell, since larger firms have made or can make the investments needed in technology, outsourcing, advisory, and people development. Firms are now looking at private equity as an option. We will share our opinion on how going PE affects your firm and clients.